Sol-Air was designed and built in 1997 by a team of Aerospace, Mechanical, and Electrical engineering students at OSU as a project for MAE 4374 Aerospace Systems Design.  The design goal was to build an aircraft entirely powered by the sun, that could set an FAI Speed record for airplanes in its class.  No storage batteries were allowed.  The aircraft is a  "V-tail" design with a conventional fuselage, with the solar cells contained within a transparent film skin.

Specification List: 


  • Wingspan:         106 in
  • Chord:               17 in
  • Wing Area:       1810 sq in
  • Airfoil:                RG 14
  • Aspect Ratio:    6.2
  • Dihedral:           5 deg


  • Length:    74.5
  • Maximum Width:    2.75 in


  • Motor:    Astro Cobalt-035 geared @ 2.38:1 Custom wound for 9-12V operation at 12 amps nominal
  • Propeller:  13x10 Wood electric


  • Gross Weight:    8.125 lb

Team Info: 

The Sol-Air Team (Team Orange) was lead by a chief engineer, and was divided into 4 technical groups: Aerodynamics/Stability and Control, Propulsion, Structures, and Systems.

Chief Engineer: Greg Miller

Aerodynamics / Stability and Control: Todd Meyer (Lead)


  • Tracy Cook (Lead)
  • Tan Hui Siang
  • Wong Peng Kit


  • Michael Barto (Lead)
  • Karen Matheny
  • Chee Pei-Meng
  • Seng-Yong Ng
  • Gan Eng Teck
  • Cheou Boon Kit

Systems and Instrumentation:

  • Randy Carpenter
  • Michael Youngs
  • Hafida Mumallah
  • Soh Siew King
  • Lim Peng Shyong
  • Truong Thien-Nga


  • Dan Bierly
  • Paul Reinman

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew S. Arena, Jr.

Design, Build, Fly