"Slugger" was designed to compete in the 2008/2009 AIAA/Cessna/ONR Design/Build/Fly contest, held in Wichita, KS in April of 2009.  The name "Slugger" originates from the geometry of the fuselage that closely resembles that of a wooden baseball bat.   A three-man crew is capable of starting with the plane in the box, and making it flight ready, in under 6 seconds.  The aircraft was designed for 4 different missions:  A quick assembly mission where the plane must be removed from the box, all payloads installed, and the airplane made flight ready; a high-speed ferry mission, a longer endurance surveillance mission carrying an external centerline tank of 4L of water, and a store release / asymmetric load mission where 1.5lb rocket payloads are remotely deployed in sequence each lap.  "Slugger" finished in second place at contest.

Specification List: 


  • Wingspan:        7 ft
  • Wing Area:       6.87 sq ft
  • Aspect Ratio:    7.13
  • Airfoil:               SILK21


  • Length:     3.63 ft
  • Max Diameter:     .25 ft


  • Motor:         Medusa MR-028-56-1400V2
  • Controller:    unknown
  • Fuel:            NiMH batteries
  • Propeller      18 in


  • Empty:    5.5 lb
  • Empty with battery:     6.8 lb
  • Mission 2 (maximum weight):    16.4 lb
  • Mission 3:    12.8 lb max


  • Remote Release mechanisms for rockets and centerline tank featuring quick-attach feature
  • Sleek fuselage
  • Airplane and box integrated design for fast assembly


  • Take off at gross weight (GW):    97 ft.
  • Max climb rate (GW):    5.9 ft/sec
  • Stall speed (GW):         42.76 ft/sec
  • Maximum speed:           70 ft/sec
Team Info: 

The OSU Orange design team was led by a Chief Engineer, and divided into four primary groups: Aerodynamics/Stability and Control, Propulsion, Structures, and CAD.

Chief Engineer: Jeremy Hill   

Aerodynamics / Stability and Control:

  • Josh Hathaway (Lead)
  • Eric Johnson
  • Courtney Kroutter


  • Trevor Lowe (Lead)
  • Michael Koehler
  • Tony Mornhinweg
  • Roger Pearson


  • Chirag Kamani (Lead)
  • Tommy Hong
  • Austin Tulloh
  • Dan Doray
  • Ryan Oliver
  • Matt Smith
  • Matt Mckee
  • Seth Hayes
  • Ashwin Ravi


  • Taylor Hopkins
  • Box Team  
  • Eric Johnson
  • Dan Doray
  • Assembly and Payload Crew  
  • Eric Johnson
  • Josh Hathaway
  • Taylor Hopkins

Pilot: Dan Bierly   

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew S. Arena, Jr.  

Assistant:    Joe Conner

*(The above team roster does not include all people involved in the project)

Contest Summary: 

The 2009 DBF profile was one of the most complicated and involved to date.  It consisted of three flight missions, and two pre-flight missions. Additionally, in the pre-contest technical inspection phase, the airplane and all payloads had to survive a drop on all sides of the box without sustaining any damage.  Total score consisted of: 

  • Written report score
  • Total system weight (weight of box, airplane, and all payloads)
  • Pre-mission assembly time
  • Ferry flight time with high-drag external tank (empty)
  • Surveillance mission with external tank full
  • Store release mission loading time, and completion of 4 laps with deployment of a 1.5 lb rocket each lap

The 2009 contest was a nail-biter for the design teams since each team had a maximum of 5 flight attempts to complete 3 very different and complicated missions.  The store release mission in particular was very challenging, and the Orange team had an unfortunate accident during one of the flights with asymmetric payloads.  The OSU Orange team finished in second place.


  • Flying with asymmetrical payloads required by rule to be spaced far from the centerline
  • Takeoff in 100 ft 
  • Endurance for 4 laps with external tank installed
  • Assembly speed for aircraft and payloads
  • With airplane and payloads inside, the box had to be dropped on any side with no damage
  • 5 quick install/release fasteners remotely deployable for all payloads

Complete Contest Rules

Official Contest Summary and Results

Results Summary: 
  • Report Score:      95  (Highest at the contest)
  • RAC:      35.5
  • SCF:      5.14
  • Total Flight Score:      79.4
  • Total Score:      7540
  • Overall Place:      2nd

The following sponsors contributed to the project.  The OSU Orange team greatly appreciates their support, and considers them members of our team.  Without their support, the project would not have been possible.

Spirit AeroSystems
AIRINC Engineering Systems, LLC
Brandon and Julie Jones
Ditch Witch
Lockheed Martin
L. Andrew Maciula
NASA Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium
OSU Orange and Black Teams 2008 
Red Bull

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