Teams responded to a Statement of Work for a remotely piloted sport jet and trainer designed around an unmodified Kingtech K45 turbine engine. Wingspan but be equal to or less than 53" to allow shipping. Minumum dry weight of the trainer configuration must be 12 lb. Teams must submit a cost bid for building 100 aircraft and compete in aerobatic performances in a competition in the style of the France Air Show, while simultaneously running a static display of the aircraft. Design objectives were to optimize ease of operation, pylon racing ability, max/min airspeed ratio, max airspeed, short takeoff and landing, along with several others.

Specification List: 
  • wingspan = 53 in.
  • wing area = 556 sq. in.
  • taper ratio = 0.72
  • airfoil = MM 1100 (modified)
  •     Fuselage:
  • length = 60.5 in. 
  • max width = 5 in.
  • max height = 7in.
  • engine = Kingtech K45 Axial Turbine
  • thrust = 9.9 lbs @ 15 C
  • max RPM = 162,000
  • max exhaust gas temp = 700 C
  • fuel = Diesel, Jet A1, or Kerosene
  • Structural = 8 lb
  • Dry = 12 lb
  • GTOW = 14.2 lb
    Performance and Features:
  • max speed = 180 mph
  • min speed = 30 mph
  • Operates on 200 ft runway
  • Composite fabrication
  • Spar tested over 50G
  • Inverted Y tail for high alpha maneuvering
  • Ceramic painted tail
  • Removable wing
  • Sleek, low drag design
Team Info: 
Consisting of 14 students, OSU Orange Team was led by a Chief Engineer and divided into four subgroups: Computer Aided Design (CAD), Aerodynamics, Structures, and Propulsion. 
Chief Engineer: Ryan Anderson
CAD Lead: Nathan Enns
Aerodynamics Team: Jacob Wolff (lead), Keith Henderson, Weston Roberts, Brian Garcia
Structures Team: Logan Fain (lead), Jose Grados, Derek Moates, Chesney Overton, Lauren Jones, Andrew Parker 
Propulsion Team: Kyle Hines (lead), Joe Schovanec
Pilot: Dan Bierly
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew S. Arena, Jr.
Results Summary: 

Orange Team took first place at Speedfest 2016 with a total of 87/100 points against Black Team's 69/100. Orange Team won every objective except precision aerobatics and static display.