Orange Slice


The 2011 Orange Team truly did lead the way in innovation.  Pioneering the blended-wing body  for remote-control aircrafts and inventing new ways to manufacture structural and propulsion components, this design was complex, sleek, fast, and strong.  The design incorporated span-loading of the batteries, which allowed for the airplane to sustain 27 G’s in a turn.  In addition, the blending of the wing and fuselage eliminated most interference drag and gave the airplane a very sleek appearance.  Other innovations include welding battery cells into new configurations, creating a shear web that wraps around the components housed in the central wing/fuselage, and perfecting the “live hinge.” Because of all these factors, Plane #8 was able to set the OSU speed record to date at 195 mph.

Specification List: 


  • Wingspan:                38 inches

  • Wing Area:               128 square inches

  • Aspect Ratio:           11.3

  • Airfoil:                        S8052. 11.9% thickness


  • Motor:                        Great Planes Ammo 28.56-3200 kv Brushless Inrunner Motor

  • Controller:                Phoenix Ice Lite 100 Amp Speed Controller

  • Batteries:                  2250 mAh 3-cell 45C Thunderpower packs

  • Propeller:                 5x8 and 5x6.5 APC

  • Maximum Power:   1.5 Hp (1100 Watts)

  • Maximum Thrust:    3.15 lbs (14 Newtons)


  • Empty Weight:         1.2 lb (550 grams)

  • Battery Weight:        0.4 lbs (175 grams)

  • Gross Weight:          1.6 lbs (725 grams)

Special Features

  • Blended Wing Body

  • Special Shear Web Design

  • Span-Loaded Batteries

  • Polytaper Wing and Vertical Stabilizer

  • All Carbon Fiber Structure

  • "Live Hinge" Control Surfaces


  • Best Speed:              195 mph (OSU Speed Record)

  • Best Plyon Time:      81 sec

Team Info: 

Chief Engineer: Isaac Reese


  • Drew Westfahl

Aerodynamics / Stability and Control:

  • Brian Eyster (Lead)
  • Bradford Bolt
  • Dustin Gabbert


  • Robert Soddenfeld (Lead)
  • Zack Decks
  • John Stats
  • Luke Zsiga


  • Austin Jones (Lead)
  • Victor Wilterdink
  • Ty Campbell
  • James Davenport
  • Kevin McHugh
  • Chad Harland
  • Jacob Brazda
  • Huan Pham
  • Dillon Nelson

Pilot: Dan Bierly

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew S. Arena, Jr.

Assistant: Dr. Joe Conner

Contest Summary: 

This year's contest was build entirely around speed and agility.  There were only two missions that the plane had to compete in.  The first mission was a pylon race.  The plane had to perform 10 laps in a figure "8" pattern around two pylons spaced 600 feet apart.  The second mission was a straightline speed calculated by measuring the time it takes the plane to fly from one pylon to the other, averaging a northbound and a southbound run to eliminate the effects of wind.

The team was limited to using electric propulsion only, 11.1 Volt nominal voltage as a source, and running the entire propulsion system through a 40 Amp fuse.  The team was further limited to designing a plane that can takeoff without human touch.  Only the propeller and batteries could be changed between missions.

Total score was calculated by adding the percentage of the team's best scores in each compared to the team in the lead, and then dividing by two.  For example, a team that was leading in both missions would score a 100, but a team that was leading in one mission but was 5% below the leader in the other mission would score a 97.5.

Complete Rules

Results Summary: 

Mission 1 Time:          86 seconds

Mission 2 Speed:       170 mph

Total Score:                 93

Overall Place:             2nd


The following sponsors contributed to the project.  The OSU Orange team greatly appreciates their support, and considers them members of our team.  Without their support, the project would not have been possible.

Col. (ret) Joseph Rea, OSU Alum 1948,1956

Andrew S. Arena Memorial Fund

Schlumberger, Inc

Oklahoma State University, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

University Multispectral Laboratories

NASA Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium

OSU Student Government Association

Memorable Quotes: 

"Oh, yeah" - Huan Pham
"Good enough for the women we roll with" - Dillon Nelson
"All you gotta do is show a little class and a little sophistication and you’re in" - Brian Eyster