Team "Mayhem" was assembled to compete in the 2013 Speedfest III Competition held in Stillwater Oklahoma. The team consisted of 20 students working on the project for approximately three months. Throughout this project, nine planes were built and flown. Their names in order of creation were: Riot, Spectre, Polaris, Quatro-Quatro, Pepper, Flash, Havok, Bane, and Bones. Over the course of the semester there were some really good flights, and some very spectacular crashes; one of which was an in-flight Lipo fire which left a trail of smoke coming from the airplane.These planes were built using composite materials in a blended wing, top-bottom mold. The winglets on the plane also incorporated the landing gear which gave the propeller clearance so that a rise off ground take-off could occur. Each plane differed slightly in the type and amount of material used during layup to maximize strength while reducing weight, but the overall airframe stayed the same. These aircraft were designed for two different missions. The first mission was a pylon race on a 900 foot course where the goal was to do as many laps as possible in three minutes. The second mission was a tag and dash, where the plane would drop paintballs on the target and then do one lap on the course in the shortest amount of time possible. Hitting the target in mission 2 was something that didn't effect the outcome of the competition, but was achieved by Orange Team at Speedfest. Team "Mayhem" finished second place at this competition.

Specification List: 


  • Wingspan:          37 in
  • Wing Area:        136.5 sq in
  • Aspect Ratio:     10
  • Airfoil:                Heliobatis 1225


  • Length:              28 in
  • Max Diameter:   3 in

Payload Compartment

  • Length:    9.5 in
  • Width:      2.3 in
  • Height:     1.2 in


  • Motor:                      NEU 1115
  • Controller:                Futaba T8FG Super
  • Power Source:         4s and 5s Lipo Battery
  • Propeller:                 5x5 EMP composite
  • Maximum Power:    1850 Watts
  • Maximum Thrust:    3.5 lb


  • Empty Weight (excl. Batteries):      1.73 lb
  • Battery Weight:                               .42 lb
  • Payload Weight:                              .25 lb
  • Max Gross Weight:                          2.4 lb


  • Completely Composite Structure
  • Top Bottom Mold
  • Blended Wing / Fuselage Mold
  • Mid-Wing with Continuous Spar around Fuselage
  • Looks Sexy


  • Takeoff Distance:       40 ft
  • Maximum Speed:       215 mph
  • G-load Maximum:      60 G
Team Info: 

The 2013 OSU Orange "Mayhem" design team was led by a chief engineer, and divided into four primary groups: Computer-Aided Design, Aerodynamics/Stability and Control, Propulsion, and Structures.

Chief Engineer:    Travis Scafe

Computer-Aided Design: Alex Colom (Lead)

Aerodynamics / Stability and Control:

  • Jake Swanson (Lead)
  • Chris Perry
  • Josh Koehn
  • Curtis Donner


  • Tarek Kandaloft (Lead)
  • Gerrit Simpson
  • Chris Banfield
  • Brett Bertelli


  • Andy Swanson (Lead)
  • Michael Bernard
  • James Evans
  • Clint Hicks
  • Dalton Hladky
  • Jordan Peterson
  • Emily Rogers
  • Kenneth Ross
  • Daryl Wells
  • Austin Sims

Pilot: Dan Bierly

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew S. Arena, Jr.

*(The above team roster does not include all people involved in the project)

Contest Summary: 

Mission Constraints

  • 5S Lipo maximum weighing no more than 200g including wires and connecters
  • Arming system consisting of two 30amp fuses in parallel wired between battery and ESC
  • BEC must be disconnected and a separate battery used to power receiver and servos
  • Takeoff must be R.O.G. with nothing left behind

Mission 1: Pylon Race

  • Scoring is based on the number of laps completed within three minutes, on a course with 2 turn markers spaced 900ft apart. One point is awarded for each turn line crossed.
  • Laps are completed in a figure 8 pattern on a course configured to a compliant standard AMA 2– pylon course method.
  • Plane must carry full payload of 40 paintballs during mission

Mission 2: Tag and Dash

  • Scoring is based on the time to fly from the start line and back.
  • Plane must take off and drop payload at a 10’X10’ target angled 25̊ from vertical before crossing start line
  • Time begins when plane crosses start line

Official Contest Rules

Results Summary: 

The following sponsors contributed to the project.  The OSU Orange Mayhem team greatly appreciates their support, and considers them members of our team.  Without their support, the project would not have been possible.

Hosted By:

University Multispectral Labs (UML), Oklahoma State University, NASA OK Space Grant Consortium, Zivko Aeronautics, Spirit AeroSystems, AUVSI

Memorable Quotes: 

"Spulkhead"  -Everybody

"You are AWESOME!"  -Dr. Arena

"You wanna keep the monkey happy... or he will start flinging poo."  -Dr. Arena

"It's designed with monkeys in mind."  -Travis

"I have never had a CAD guy tell me, "Hey, I have a name!" The monkey is evolving."  -Dr. Arena

"A watched pot never boils, and a watched gatorade never freezes."  -Kenneth