"Fury" was designed to compete in the 2012 Oklahoma State Speedfest Competition, held in Stillwater, OK in May of 2012. The aircraft was designed for a pylon race mission with vertical takeoff capability. The aircraft was also required to deploy a banner after the alloted mission time. Optimization was done for the required mission given a relatively small set of limitations which included a maximum battery weight and voltage and a 600 ft course length. After a full day of competition "Fury" was able to overcome entries from OSU Black and Embry-Riddle University and was awarded first place.

Specification List: 

Empty Weight: 3.1 lbs 
Wing Area: 275 in2
Wing Span: 54 in
Length: 31 in
Max Speed: 188 mph
Max Power: 2500 W
Max Measured G Load: 28
Banner Deployment: Explosive
Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass Construction
Airfoil: Modified MH-43

Team Info: 

Chief Engineer: 

  • Taylor Mitchell


  • Tyler Shirk

Aerodynamics / Stability and Control:

  • Scott Hood (Lead)
  • Easton Elder
  • Nicholas Foong
  • Daniel McWherter
  • Nathaniel Scarborough


  • Mason Morris (Lead)
  • Nick Langilotti
  • Brent Spencer
  • Hermes Tee
  • Brent Wilson


  • Daniel Hunt (Lead)
  • Blake Choisnet
  • Katie Clark
  • Wenxing Jiang
  • Paul Natalie
  • Eric Phillips
  • Kyle Smith
  • Nicole Weidman
  • Shae Williams

Pilot: Dan Bierly

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew S. Arena, Jr.

Results Summary: 

The 2012 Speedfest contest involved one mission which consisted of a pylon race with vertical takeoff and banner deployment components. Since the vertical takeoff and baner deployments were essentially pass/fail, the teams were differentiated by the number of laps the aircraft was able to complete in the pylon race portion of the mission. Overall score was calculated based on 2 * (laps completed) - 2 per cut corner - 10 if the banner was not deployed, and only the best score out of 5 flight attempts was kept.


  • Optimizing for a 600 ft course

  • Vertical Takeoff

  • Very high power draw during takeoff (> 2.5 kW)

  • High g loads in turns

  • Reliable banner deployment

On contest day OSU Orange an OSU Black traded blows for most of the morning, with neither team able to put up a clean run due to banner deployment issues for Orange and speed controller issues for Black. However, roughly halfway through the competition Orange team was able to complete 16 laps and a successful banner deployment with the aircraft "Gerty Lou". This gave Orange Team a score of 32, which neither Black Team or the team from Embry-Riddle University were able to match.


OSU Team Orange 2012 Score Summary

Total Score:      32

Overall Place:      1st


The following sponsors contributed to the project.




Zivko Aeronautics Inc.

Spirit Aerosystems