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The Black Team 2016 "Obsidian" design arose from a challenge to build the first ever Jet  Engine RC Aircraft at Oklahoma State University...


Teams responded to a Statement of Work for a remotely piloted sport jet and trainer designed around an unmodified Kingtech K45 turbine...

Black Magic

Team “Black Magic” designed an aircraft to compete in Speedfest IV held at Oklahoma State’s Unmanned Aircraft Flight Station just...


Team Havoc was formed in response to the 2014 Speedfest IV competition.  The team composed of 21 students majoring in Aerospace Engineering at...

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Orange Team

The Kitty Hawk was named in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight, and was designed to compete in the 2002/2003 AIAA/Cessna/ONR Design/Build/Fly contest held in Ridgely River MD, in April of 2003.  The objective was to...


OSU Black Team 2014 Promo

OSU Orange Team 2014 Promo