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The Black team 2017 was challenged with designing a low frontal radar cross section (RCS), low cost, and small ground operation radius drone to...


Building on the success turbine-powered aircraft yielded in Speedfest VI, a new design concept was devised: a fast, low-cost, easy to...


The Black Team 2016 "Obsidian" design arose from a challenge to build the first ever Jet  Engine RC Aircraft at Oklahoma State University...


Teams responded to a Statement of Work for a remotely piloted sport jet and trainer designed around an unmodified Kingtech K45 turbine...

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Black Team

The Blackhawk was designed to compete in the 2002/2003 AIAA/Cessna/ONR Design/Build/Fly contest held in Ridgely MD, in April of 2003.  The objective was to fly two different missions: a missile decoy mission in which the aircraft carried a large...


OSU Black Team 2014 Promo

OSU Orange Team 2014 Promo